Lake Titicaca

Earth's second chakra

To navigate one of the largest lakes in South America, you have to choose a starting point on its populated shores. Copacabana is the small and picturesque city from which, on board a boat and blessed by its Dark Virgin, we will embark on an adventure around the lake: you will visit the famous Island of the Sun and Island of the Moon, you will see ruins of the Inca Empire, you will participate in a collective Aymara celebration in which food and wisdom are shared, you will climb a 60 meter staircase to a mystical pre-Columbian fountain. Sleep looking at the lake and wake up with one of the most beautiful sunrises in the region.

You can't miss
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana
  • Yumani Staircase
  • Ruins of Chincana and the temple of Iñakuyu
  • Pilkokaina Palace
  • Fountain of Eternal Youth
  • The Sacred Rock
  • Tours30
  • Extension8.372 km²
  • Height3.812 meters above sea level
  • CountryBolivia and Peru
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Tours in Lake Titicaca

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