The magic in the environment

Tupiza is a small and quiet city, with a friendly climate and warm inhabitants, it has been connected to La Quiaca-Argentina by a railway since the beginning of the 20th century.

In addition to its serene beauty, it is its surroundings full of unparalleled scenery - with large mountains, valleys, canyons, xerophilic vegetation, ravines and rock formations - that will conquer you on our journey through its roads... on horseback!

Tupiza is the place where the famous robbers Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid stole the payroll of the mine "Aramayo Franke y Cia" in 1908, before finding death.

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  • The Sillar
  • The Devil's Gate
  • The Inca Canyon
  • Tours33
  • Extensión10 km²
  • Altura2.850 meters above sea level
  • PaísBolivia
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Recorridos en Tupiza

  • Ciudad de Potosí (Central office):
    Calle La Paz # 1133, Potosí.
  • +591 71790464
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