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Hidalgo Tours is the link of tourist tours of a chain of services including three hotels in Uyuni and a line of local gastronomy; everything is conceived so that our visitors connect with the environment, without worrying about anything else.

An experience out of this world

On the shores of the majestic Uyuni Salt Flat - under an astonishing sky full of magnificent colours and stars - stands, bursting with historical significance, the Palacio de Sal (The Salt Palace). A haven of magical moments where every end of the day is the evidence of an irrefutable fact: no dream, however extraordinary it may seem, is ever diluted before it comes true.

Built with more than a million salt blocks, with rooms crowned by imposing domes, offering a wide range of services and unforgettable experiences, and the privilege of being the first salt hotel in the world, this accommodation is -without a doubt- a unique opportunity to experience another side of the magic of Uyuni's Salt Flat, in first person.

  • UbicaciónOn the shores of the Uyuni's Salt Flat, Colchani, Potosí, Bolivia.
  • Spa
  • Coffee - Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Pool

The beautiful pause

Jardines de Uyuni - our adobe hotel - is conceived as a space of transit, to cross from the pragmatism of the individual daily life to the sublime of the trip. The perfect connection between several worlds.

Located in the city of Uyuni, it is a strategic point of arrival, departure or active pause. Here you have easy access to the offices of Hidalgo Tours and all the services necessary to adjust to your trip. You will be able to take a rest, relax in the swimming pool or the spa, work out the last few steps of your trip, meet other travelers, or get used to the climate, the altitude, and the schedule. In addition, the "City" version of our gastronomic proposal, Tika restaurant, awaits for you with its fusion cuisine, because Bolivia will conquer you from the first to the last bite.

  • UbicaciónAv Potosi 113, Uyuni, Bolivia
  • Spa
  • Coffee - Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Pool

Shelter in the clouds

Mallku Cueva -our stone hotel- is a lair for adventurers, enclosed by a huge mountain. A warm refuge to find, in the middle of nowhere, a connection with the world.

Built as a lodge, it has the particularity of having the naked mountain as one of its sides, creating an unique architectural hybrid. It is located in one of the most beautiful routes of the area - the route of the lagoons - constituting a space of rest, connection with nature, contact with the community, silence, spiritual expansion, human encounters and shelter.

  • UbicaciónMallku, Villamar. Colcha K. Nor Lípez, Potosí, Bolivia
  • Dining room
  • Wifi

Uncommon cuisine

La gastronomía como un viaje que acompaña, inspira y constituye parte fundamental del paisaje interior, llevando nuestra cultura como legado, pero adaptándola a otros formatos y otros paladares. En sus 4 versiones:

Palace: La versión “fine dining”, con una curaduría gastronómica fusión de primer nivel y una excelente selección de vinos de altura.
City: La versión “casual dining”, ideal para conocer la gastronomía boliviana, probar nuevos ingredientes y escuchar el relato de nuestra maravillosa cocina.
Pop Up: Almuerzos, cenas y degustaciones itinerantes que aparecen en lugares impensados.
On the road: Nuestro formato “ready -to-eat”, para que comer en la ruta también tenga impronta viajera y sabor boliviano.

Tika makes you taste our culture!

  • UbicaciónPalacio de Sal Hotel.
    Jardines de Uyuni Hotel.
    Traveling locations.
    On board at "Hidalgo Tours".
  • Ingredients 0 km
  • High altitude wines
  • Various formats
  • Ciudad de Potosí (Central office):
    Calle La Paz # 1133, Potosí.
  • +591 71790464
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