We handle the design of corporate events that combine, not only the strategic elements related to coordination, technical assembly, decoration and management task, but also the imprint and the unforgettable character of our brand and its destinations within Bolivia.

Incentive travel

A good incentive plan is the best tool to keep your team happy and motivated. If you are a member of the human resources department or if you are responsible for the management of employees, this is an excellent opportunity to break out of the mold and surprise everyone with a unique trip, to a destination that will leave an indelible mark on the memory of those who attend, strengthening ties between colleagues, aiming at a great future for everyone.

Brand launches

A brand launch is much more than an event: it is a communication strategy that brings you in direct contact with your target audience, setting the first impression that potential customers, media, opinion leaders and stakeholders will have about your company.

Transport your audiences to one of the best moments of their lives and introduce your business to them in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet.

Corporate Events

Turn your corporate event into an outstanding event, creating a powerful communication channel that will exponentially improve your brand experience and have a positive impact on your attendees. We have everything you need so that your congresses, seminars, training sessions, symposiums, press conferences, conventions, workshops, etc. can take place in an environment that is favorable to listening, quiet and inspiration - plus our majestic natural setting.


It is the ideal place for exponents of the same sector to meet, or for creators and enthusiasts of a particular theme to come together - in a privileged part of the world - to get to know each other, to build commercial alliances, to participate in innovation, to learn, to contact potential clients or suppliers; all of this in conjunction with our pool of products and services, which will make your event an unbeatable and unforgettable experience.

Other events

Anything you want to celebrate is possible for us. We have all the elements and services in order to turn any event into an unforgettable occasion, conveying the majesty of our landscapes and the expertise of our staff to your special occasion. No matter if you represent a company, a non-profit organization or you wish to organize a private event: contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

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