From Peru to Chile: visit Bolivia in eight days

  • Viajo desdePeru
  • Viajo haciaChile
  • Duración8 days
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If you come from Peru and want to cross Bolivia to get to Chile, in a complete tour through its main cities and beautiful landscapes, this is the right tour for you. We will pick you up at your hotel in Puno, Peru, to start a tour with beautiful views of Lake Titicaca, to the colorful town of Copacabana and its unforgettable walks. You will fly to La Paz, where you will discover the bewitching beauty of Bolivia's administrative capital and the vortex of its accelerated pulse; then you will go (by air) on an unforgettable journey through the cities of Sucre and Potosi, full of culture, architecture and countless curiosities, including a site of fossilized footprints and the entrance to an active mine.

You will fly to Uyuni to visit its famous salt flat, which will welcome you with its amazing landscape and all the attractions surrounding it. You will also visit Villamar, Culpina K, Alota and you will undertake the fantastic route of the lagoons, in which you will witness unparalleled natural spectacles. At the end of your tour, a transfer to Hito Cajon will be provided, where you can continue you adventure to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

Request your itinerary to find out all the details, day by day.

Ideal para familias
  • Puno
  • Copacabana
  • La Paz
  • Sucre
  • Potosí
  • Uyuni Salt Flat
  • Colored Lagoons
  • Hito Cajón
  • San Pedro Atacama
Algunos atractivos turísticos
  • During your visit to Copacabana, on Lake Titicaca, you will board a boat to visit: the famous Islands of the Sun and the Moon, the Inca temples of Pilkokaina and Iñak Uyu, the Fountain of Eternal Youth and the Sacred Rock, among other fascinating activities.
  • On your visit to La Paz you will see: the Killi Killi lookout, the witches' market, the Valley of the Moon, the Juan de Vargas Museum of Customs, the Murillo House/Museum and the Museum of Gold, among other attractions.
  • On your visit to Sucre you will discover: the "Cal Orcko" site, the Recoleta Convent, the ASUR Indigenous Art Museum, the 25 de Mayo Square, the Casa de la Libertad and the Simón Bolívar Park, among other beautiful attractions of its streets and culture.
  • In your trip to Potosi you will visit: the Plaza 10 de Noviembre, the Casa Nacional de la Moneda ("National Mint"), the Church of San Lorenzo and the Convent of Santa Teresa, among other interesting places. In addition, you will visit the Cooperative Mines and the mining market.
  • During your journey to the Uyuni Salt Flat you will visit: the giant cactuses of the Incahuasi Island, the mummies of Pukara de Ayke, beautiful views of the Thunupa volcano, the unique Ojos de Agua, the Train Cemetery, a salt processing plant and the Hotel Palacio de Sal.
  • La Ruta de las Lagunas (Route of the Lagoons) will take you through the towns of Culpina K and Alota, the Eduardo Avaroa National Park, the Lagoons Verde and Colorada, el Valle de las Rocas ("Valley of the Rocks"), el Desierto de Dalí ("Dali's Desert"), the Sol de Mañana geysers and you can also meet the friendly Flamencos de James, among other mind-blowing natural spectacles.
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  • Salar de Uyuni
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14 H-A
  • Lugar de salidaPeru
  • Lugar de retornoChile
  • Duración8 days
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  • Salar de Uyuni
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