Potosí: visit to cooperative private mines

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  • Duration4 hours
General description

Entering a mine is an incredible, extreme and profound learning adventure. Leaving behind all the fears, we will take you to a place where the work has not changed much for decades, where the rites are paramount and where the story of Potosi is heard from the mouth of those who fight for their daily bread.

In addition, you will visit the mining market, where you will be able to acquire your own offerings to the gods of the mine in a mixture of history, mysticism and dare that you will never forget.

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Tourist attractions
  • In your tour of the Cooperative Mines, we will also stroll through the mining market.
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  • Duration4 hours
Languages (Check availability)
  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Lamp, helmets and boots
  • Private transport
  • Specialized guides
  • Radiocomunication in every vehicle
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