The Uyuni Salt Flat and Tupiza in four days and three nights, departing from Argentina

  • Travel fromArgentina
  • Travel toUyuni
  • Duration4 days
General description

If you come from Argentina and wish to visit the Uyuni Salt Flat, in a complete adventure through its beautiful landscapes, this is the tour you are looking for. We will start our journey at the border bridge of Villazon, to take you to the beautiful city of Tupiza and then depart on horseback, visiting the vast landscapes of the region. You will visit the Uyuni Salt Flat, which will welcome you with its amazing scenery and all the attractions surrounding it - from a cemetery with locomotives of yesteryear to ruins with mummified human bodies - and you will sleep in the first hotel in the world made out of salt.

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Family friendly
  • La Quiaca
  • Villazón
  • Tupiza
  • Uyuni
Tourist attractions
  • From the moment you arrive in Tupiza, you will ride on horseback through the Palmira Gorge, La Puerta del Diablo (The Devil's Gate), El Valle de los Machos (The Valley of the Males) and El Cañón del Inca (The Inca Canyon). In addition to traveling, in one of our vehicles, an impressive stretch of the Andes, close to 5,000 m.a.s.l., passing through the famous Paso del Diablo, the Valle de los Chichas and the area of El Sillar.
  • During your journey to the Uyuni Salt Flat you will visit: the giant cactuses of the Incahuasi Island, the mummies of Pukara de Ayke, beautiful views of the Thunupa volcano, the unique Ojos de Agua, the Train Cemetery, a salt processing plant and the Hotel Palacio de Sal.
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  • Uyuni Salt Flats
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  • Lugar de retornoUyuni
  • Duration4 days
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  • Uyuni Salt Flats
    Photos and videos with drone
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